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The Best Bike Paths In and Around Cleveland, Ohio

One of my favorite outdoor activities is biking. It’s a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and feel the wind on your face. Living in Cleveland offers a lot of great biking paths not only in the city but in the surrounding area. If you’re in the Cleveland area and are looking for a new bike path, look no further. Here are a few of the best biking paths in and around Cleveland, Ohio.

All Purpose Trail, Euclid Creek Reservation

The beautiful and long-distance All Purpose Trail runs through the park at the heart of the city of Cleveland, and it passes through the remnants of the former community of Bluestone. The area is now known as the Quarry Picnic Area. Just one ride through the area will show you why locals have been so passionate about this landscape.

Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway, Edgewater State Park

The city of Cleveland’s beautiful Lake Erie shoreline is a must-visit area. To celebrate this natural beauty, the city created the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway, which runs through some of the city’s best neighborhoods. This route cuts through some of the most prominent areas in the city, such as Rockefeller Park, Ohio City, and University Circle.

Bike & Hike Trail, Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The long-distance bike and hike trail that runs through the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park is located between Akron and Cleveland. It features a total of 34.2 miles of adventure, and it passes through some of the park’s most beautiful areas. The trail’s northernmost access point is located in Northfield, while its southernmost one is in Munroe Falls.

The Maple Highlands Trail, Geauga Park District

The trail that runs through the Geauga Park District features a total of 21.1 miles of beautiful scenery. It passes through various areas, such as the Swine Creek Reservation and the Headwaters Park. The covered bridges and natural habitats that this trail features make it an enjoyable ride.

Bridgeway Trail, Black River Reservation

The entire Metro Park system of the Black River Reservation is worth a visit. One of the most beautiful routes that you can take through this area is the Bridgeway Trail, which spans 4.5 miles long. It starts at Day’s Dam in the Black River Reservation, and it goes into Elyria. This beautiful trail offers amazing views along the way.

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Andrew Elsoffer is a community leader, investment advisor and soccer coach based in Cleveland, Ohio. Over the course of his career, Andrew has worked in a number of different states and industries. Each new experience advanced his business acumen and people-first philosophy.

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