Top Three National Parks in the United States

National parks have earned a place in our hearts. They are not only a history lesson but also a geographical one. They give us a timeline of the earth through erosion, glacier formation, and volcanic activity. They are also reminders of the natural beauty of the United States. They give us the opportunity to connectContinue reading “Top Three National Parks in the United States”

Three Trends in Philanthropy for 2020

Philanthropy has Greek and Latin roots: philanthrōpos from Greek and philanthropia from Latin. Both have the prefix phil- (philo- in Greek) meaning “loving” and anthro (anthropos in Greek) meaning “mankind.” Yet, this word has a deeper meaning. It means to be good to our fellow humans; to care for those who need help. We need this word andContinue reading “Three Trends in Philanthropy for 2020”

A Brief Look at the Origin of Soccer

It’s no surprise that soccer has been around for centuries. A simple game of kicking a ball through a goal was played in deserts and fields long before we had stadiums. But how did soccer originate? Many have laid claim to it, including the Chinese, Greeks, and Romans. Yet, it was the English who tookContinue reading “A Brief Look at the Origin of Soccer”

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