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Andrew Elsoffer

Andrew Elsoffer, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is an outdoorsman, soccer coach, and community leader. His love of adventure came after college when he and his roommate decided to bike from the University of Michigan to Stony Brook College in New York. Together, the duo rode into Mackinaw Island, up into Canada through the beautiful Manitoulin Island, and back into the US by way of the Finger Lake region of New York. Through they arrived at their destination as skinny as can be, they were filled with joy and happiness.

Since then, Andrew has regularly found his way back into nature. To this day, he still takes long bike rides. Andrew has a deep appreciation for the beauty and peace of being under an open sky, whether canoeing on a lake or going on a leisurely hiking trip. When visiting Michigan, where his family now has a home, he enjoys hiking, fishing, and kayaking—anything to enjoy the gorgeous seasons the state offers.

At home in Cleveland, Ohio, Andrew Elsoffer is an investment advisor and soccer coach with over 25 years of experience. He enjoys helping his clients work through financial planning decisions and has earned a reputation in his community as a reliable source. After launching his own event planning business early in his career, Andrew developed a people-first business philosophy that has been critical in building the career and public image he has today.

Within his community, Andrew Elsoffer has also spent 20 years as a youth soccer coach. He loves being able to invest in student athletes and share a love for the sport that brought him peace and clarity during his own educational years. He works hard to bring a positive attitude to the field and hopes that can set the tone for the whole team. Andrew understands that youth are the future of a community, and takes every opportunity to help them thrive and grow into responsible adults.

Outside of his coaching and professional pursuits, Andrew Elsoffer also enjoys volunteering with charities such as the Ronald McDonald House, The Cleveland Swim for Diabetes Association, and other influential nonprofits. He also prioritizes making time for his family. For more on Andrew, be sure to give his blog a read!

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